WWE’s Kane Will Happily Chokeslam Dwyane Wade If He Leaves The Miami Heat

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06.26.15 5 Comments
Kane Dwayne Wade chokeslam


If the Miami Heat’s most decorated star opts out of his contract next week and enters free agency, he’ll have to answer to a Big Red Machine.

During an interview on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz on 560 WQAM Sports Radio, WWE star Kane revealed that he’d happily chokeslam NBA star Dwyane Wade if he tries to leave Miami. You may remember Kane from such incidents as chokeslamming the Phoenix Suns gorilla and repeatedly Tombstone Piledriving Pete Rose, so you know he’s got it in him.

Here’s the audio clip. If it doesn’t work and Wade still leaves, hey, at least you’ve got a really convenient way to burn his jerseys.

Hochman: “Do you have a particular move or threat we can use against Dwyane Wade if he in fact decides to leave the Miami Heat?”

Kane: “I’d be happy to chokeslam him if that’s okay.”

I also would’ve accepted him using an electrolarynx to tell Wayne to “suck it.” I love the idea of using wrestlers to guilt sports stars into doing what you want them to do. If Jason Kipnis ever tries to leave the Cleveland Indians, I’m sending in Sheamus to hit him in the back with a pipe.

(via CBS Miami)

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