WWE’s New Mobile Game Is Coming Later This Year

Mobile games: They’re the perfect way to kill time on a long car ride or lose money on microtransactions when you hand the phone to your little brother. WWE has already set foot in the mobile-gaming market with titles like SuperCard and Immortals, and before long they’ll be adding a new title to the mix. In a press release yesterday, a new title called WWE Champions was announced in partnership with mobile entertainment collective Scopely. I’ll go ahead and skip to the part where they actually talk about what to expect from the game.

“WWE Champions allows players to collect more than 100 different Superstars and Legends where they can enter the ring for intense 3D action powered by fast and engaging puzzle play. The game is currently in test markets, and will launch worldwide on Android and iOS devices later this year.”

There’s also an announcement trailer, keep your eyes open for the two seconds or so that represent actual gameplay.

Basically, it looks like Marvel Puzzle Quest with John Cena’s face on it. And on top of that, it kind of looks like they’re using the art style from WWE All-Stars on the character models. Judging from a listing on the Australian iTunes store, the game will use the freemium model (like SuperCard) and will have weekly updates to reflect what’s happening on Raw, Smackdown, and pay-per-views. It’s kind of weird that about one in 10 games released these days is a variant of Bejeweled, but this at least looks different enough to warrant a second look. If I’m being honest, it really just makes me want another All-Stars game. Remember how you could basically throw dudes into the nosebleeds with Ultimate Warrior’s press slam? That’s the kind of goofy stuff I’m looking for in wrestling games.