WWE’s Rusev And Lana Are Your New Favorite Hockey Fans

At this point, it would take a lot for me to even consider disliking Rusev and Lana. They’re one of the better WWE power couples I can think of, and away from the ring, they just seem delightful to be around. If you’re keeping up with Lana on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the two of them making frowny Russian faces at various sporting venues around the world. You’ve also probably seen some horrifyingly sexist comments, as well, but that’s beside the point. (What, you thought only one With Spandex writer had a problem with that issue? Tough luck, ya nerds.) In any case, it looks like the NHL’s Nashville Predators can join the likes of Real Madrid and the Los Angeles Clippers as one of the couple’s favorite teams. They showed up at the Bridgestone Arena yesterday to cheer on the Predators in their current playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks.

WORLD-CLASS side-eye from Rusev there. This next picture is probably the closest I’ve seen to a smile from him, so commit it to memory:

These two are the real life version of the #RelationshipGoals hashtag, I swear. It’s not surprising that Lana and Rusev are getting on the Predators bandwagon, considering that they bought a house together in Nashville not too long ago. By the way, is this Predators-Blackhawks series making anybody else wonder about how a Rusev-CM Punk feud would play out?