Heat Of The Moment: Sunday Night Heat, Episode 2 (August 9, 1998)

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Previously on Sunday Night Heat: Shane McMahon made his in-universe debut as a guy who screams like announcer Vince McMahon, but without any bass in his voice. Plus: Jeff Jarrett debuted The Stroke (slapnuts), AC Slater speared Val Venis, and one of the Godfather’s hoes pretended to be a fan in the front row to show her boobs to D-X.

Previously on Raw Is War: Mr. Yamaguchi-san made good on his promise to choppy-choppy Val Venis’ pee-pee. Or did he?

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Here’s what you missed 21 years ago on WWF Sunday Night Heat, episode two, originally aired on August 9, 1998.


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This week’s episode of Sunday Night Heat opens with an absolutely incredible, seemingly forgotten Mick Foley promo where he talks about how he took his kids to Santa’s Village and got kissed on the cheek on a roller coaster by his daughter because she thinks he’s “a good man,” and how The Undertaker tried to take that away from him by murdering him in the face with a steel chair. If you’re following the vintage Best and Worst of Raw column, you’ll remember that Kane “accidentally” chaired Mankind in the skull trying to hit Undertaker, and then Undertaker picked up the chair and hit Mankind again, on purpose, instead of Kane. Why? Because CAHOOTS, GODDAMMIT.