A Bunch Of Vintage WWWF Wrestling Is Coming To WWE Network Soon

Via YouTube

Last week was the WWE Network’s fourth anniversary, and while new content is being created for the platform nearly every day, it’s still stunning just how much of WWE’s massive archive has yet to be digitized and uploaded. Even no-brainer stuff like old episodes of Superstars are still missing. (I shouldn’t have to go to Dailymotion to watch the Bret Hart/Bob Backlund angle unfold, guys — but I digress.)

Luckily, old-school fans are in for a treat next month: According to WWE Network News, WWE has reportedly heard your pleas, and their next content drop will be a big old batch of WWWF All-Star Wrestling, which ran from 1972 to 1984 before eventually turning into Wrestling Challenge. This was WWE’s B-show at the time, and was primarily comprised of squash matches featuring some of the biggest names in the history of wrestling.

Unfortunately, we’re not getting the entirety of All-Star Wrestling just yet: Expect roughly 70 hours of footage taken between 1976 and 1979, which will help fill in the careers of such WWE Hall Of Famers as Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Ernie Ladd, Freddie Blassie, Larry Zbyszko and more. Plus, we’ll get to see Vince McMahon looking like this:

What’s not to love here?

The scheduled drop date for All-Star Wrestling is Monday, March 5, so if you haven’t already burned up your PTO days from that gigantic Coliseum Video drop last month, start scheduling them with HR now.