The Wyatt Family Rung The Bell At The New York Stock Exchange. No, Really

WrestleMania week means sending the members of the WWE universe out into the world to get both casual and new fans excited for the biggest spectacle in pro wrestling not involving Hulk Hogan’s 10-inch python. If you’re John Cena, this usually means buttering up the ladies of TODAY and acting excited to learn 10 new tricks to keep your lettuce crisp. For performers who have a very defined onscreen character, they have to take things that don’t exist outside of WWE and insert them into real-life situations. And it’s wonderful.

Bray Wyatt — a demon inhabiting the soulless body of Husky Harris — and his indoctrinated large sons left their creepy cult commune in the swamps of Florida to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. For real. In real life.

It’s like watching a dog walking on its hind legs: It’s weird and delightful but part of you knows it’s a thing that just should not be. Really though, if you think about it, I’m sure ‘devoid of the soul of a human’ could describe most Wall Street executives if we’re being totally honest.

One twitter user, however, aptly pointed out that given Bray Wyatt’s actual father, all of this makes perfect sense:

Now, who do we petition to get The Undertaker as a guest on The View?