Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Got Some Extremely Good News About Those Drug Charges

A few weeks ago, Sean Waltman — better known to wrestling fans as X-Pac — was arrested at the LAX airport and charged with felony possession of drugs, including a charge for methamphetamine. Waltman was adamant that he was innocent of the charges, and claimed that what the police confiscated as meth was actually a supplement for a yeast infection.

Recently, Waltman took a polygraph test on his AfterBuzz TV show where he denied relapsing and denied he was carrying or trafficking drugs when he was arrested, and according to the person administering the polygraph test, he passed with flying colors. But now he has something a little bit more concrete to boast about: an official statement from the district attorney proved he was right. The pills have been tested, and they were, in fact, yeast cleanse capsules.

Waltman broke the news with an exclusive TMZ interview on Friday.

“It’s a crazy story, man. I’m not hating on anyone who didn’t believe [me],” he said, sticking to the line he’s had all along that he doesn’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t take him at his word, given his history with substance abuse.

The district attorney also said that Waltman is clear of the charges for meth, and that the state will not pursue a conviction for the marijuana he was carrying, because his possession of weed was legal per state law. There is still a small chance he could face federal charges for marijuana possession, but at this point it is extremely unlikely.