Xavier Woods Bet His WWE Career On The New Day’s Heel Turn

02.05.19 7 months ago 7 Comments

Corridor Cast on YouTube

The New Day has come a long way since they debuted as a group in 2014. As you may remember, they were originally babyfaces who were meant to be like stereotypical black preachers, and basically nobody was into that. Now they’re wildly popular and have their own cereal. The shift happened in 2015, when they turned heel, enabling them to develop an edge that they retain to this day, despite not being heels anymore. Comicbook.com, of all places, pointed us to a great interview with Xavier Woods on the Corridor Cast podcast, in which he explains that he literally told Vince McMahon to go ahead and fire him if he couldn’t get the New Day over as heels. It’s a pretty great story:

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