Xavier Woods Learned How Hard It Really Is To Be A Pro In Blizzard’s Overwatch League

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Bill Hanstock/UPROXX

BURBANK, Calif. — Xavier Woods is certainly no slouch when it comes to video games. He runs the be-all, end-all gaming channel for fans of both video games and pro wrestling, as his UpUpDownDown brand boasts nearly 1.5 million followers on YouTube. On any given day, you can see him and his peers from both WWE and the gaming world playing through games, doing speed runs, playtesting titles, holding tournaments, and generally living that video game lifestyle.

Woods is one of a dozen or so WWE Superstars who makes sure to travel with at least one game console during the nearly nonstop travel involved in the life of a professional wrestler. Now that UpUpDownDown has become such a success, he told me that it’s not uncommon to see a row of consoles set up backstage at any given WWE event, almost like a miniature arcade.

But being so entrenched in the world of gaming still didn’t prepare him for what it’s like to play alongside an actual, professional eSports team.

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