Jonathan Coachman Believes Vince McMahon Might Try To Buy An NFL Franchise

Contributing Writer
12.26.17 7 Comments

Vince McMahon is up to something. No one is really entirely sure what exactly it might be that he’s up to, but he’s certainly up to something. He has created a new, non-WWE company called Alpha Entertainment, and he’s selling off WWE stock to help fund that company.

Taking into account that the filing for the creation of Alpha Entertainment mentioned the possibility of being involved with professional football, and that company subsequently filing for an XFL trademark, and you have a whoooole lot of people who suddenly believe that a reboot of McMahon’s XFL league is a possibility … perhaps even an inevitability.

There’s no telling what a 2017 version of the XFL could look like, there has arguably never been a period of time that fans have been more turned off by what’s happening over in the NFL, whether it be social commentary or just the absolutely abysmal 2017 season we’ve all had to sit through.

But what if this isn’t about the XFL at all?

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