Yoshi Tatsu Provided A Medical Update On His Broken Neck, And The Details Are Scary

A few months back, we showed you video of former WWE wrestler Yoshi Tatsu taking an Styles Clash incorrectly and suffering a broken neck as a result. Since that cringeworthy moment, fans, particularly those who can’t read Japanese, haven’t heard much from Tatsu. Most of us just hoped that the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked and the guy was doing okay. Well, the guy has not been doing okay.

A couple days ago, Tatsu posted this update on his condition on Twitter, and it’s tough to read…

The next day, he posted this picture as evidence of his, ergh, head hole bleeding.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news for Tatsu, as he finally got his restrictive halo vest taken off today.

We’ve seen a lot of guys come back from broken necks in wrestling, to the point you almost start to think it’s not that serious a thing. This is a sobering reminder that it very much is. Good luck to Yoshi Tatsu on his further recovery.

via SEScoops