You Can Dress Like Tyson Kidd Thanks To This Awesome New Gear From Roots Of Fight

When it comes to ringing fashion endorsements, it doesn’t get much better for me than the word of the WWE’s Tyson Kidd, who slowly became my favorite person on Total Divas after two and a half seasons. The verbally-abused husband of poor, angry Nattie might not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but he occasionally delivers the funniest lines (saying, “What’s up, brother?” to his wife is legendary) and he has been known to wear some pretty rad gear from our friends at Roots of Fight.

In case you don’t recall, Roots of Fight has hooked us up with some swag in the past to dish out to our loyal UFC and MMA readers, but when they came back this time and asked if we wanted to give away anything from their awesome new ground-breaking global release with Under Armour that pays tribute to the icon Bruce Lee, I thought, “Wait a second, Tyson Kidd was wearing a Bruce Lee shirt recently, and he had a pretty rad opinion of it…”

He’s not lying. I won’t bog you down with screen caps or additional evidence, but just about any time the guy has been on screen in an episode of Total Divas, he’s been wearing a Roots of Fight shirt. I know because one time he wore the Mike Tyson shirt that I have, and I was like, “Hey, is that me on the TV?” because from the neck down, we are practically twins. I’d say I’m in a little better shape, though, from my addiction to Jazzercise.

“So what’s the point of all of this, Burnsy, we’ve got Survivor Series picks to make!” Settle down. The point is that on Sunday night, when you’re all commenting away for Survivor Series, I’m going to be lurking in the shadows and looking for the best, most hilarious comments of them all. Bring you’re A-game on Sunday night and you could win a gift code for Roots of Fight to pick up some awesome new Bruce Lee gear, like the sweatpants I’ve been wearing for a week or the hoodie I’m about to buy so I can look exactly like Tyson again.

In the meantime, check out the Roots of Fight Bruce Lee gear, as well as the rest of their awesomely thin shirts and comfy sweats, on the Roots of Fight website and at Under Armour, or pick them up at Dick’s Sporting Goods everywhere. Really furry cats not included.