You’ll Do What Mark Henry Does In The New ‘Hall Of Pain’ DLC For ‘WWE 2K15’

The latest DLC addition to WWE 2K15 Showcase mode hits today, and this addition should be of particular interest to With Spandex readers. Hall of Pain lets fans experience Mark Henry’s explosion from perennially misused underachiever to MIZARK EFFIN’ HENRY, proprietor of the Hall of Pain and all-around bad, bad man.

The rise of “That’s What I Do” Mark Henry was one of the best WWE character turnarounds of the past decade. As much as I didn’t care for some aspects of WWE 2K15, I have to give the developers huge props for giving Mark his due. Hall of Pain will feature the 2011 version of Henry running through 2011 versions of Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show, Kane, The Great Khali and Daniel Bryan, as well as a few matches from Henry’s second, brief 2013 run of badassery when he beat Ryback at WrestleMania.

Here’s a few screenshots…

The rarely seen “kidney bite” variation of the World’s Strongest Slam.

There’s still one more WWE 2K15 Showcase expansion to come, and it’s the big one – the Ultimate Warrior-focused Path of the Warrior. Expect that one over the next few weeks.