The Young Bucks Revealed ‘The Elite’ Happened On The Fly

Ever since they booted AJ Styles out of the Bullet Club — literally — in early 2016, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have been known as “The Elite of the Bullet Club,” or The Elite for short. The three men together (and hell, separately) are the hottest and most in-demand act in the world that isn’t in any way associated with WWE, and are hotter than all but a couple acts within WWE, to boot.

The Elite have not only been tearing things up in New Japan and all over the worldwide independent scene, but they’ve been furthering their storyline and fanbase with their wildly popular “Being The Elite” YouTube series. The Elite has been an integral part of the Bullet Club, while freshening up the heel faction and simultaneously positioning themselves as the unquestionable cream of that very, very popular crop.

But according to a new interview with the Bucks, there was no set plan for the Elite to become a thing. Like, at all. Matt Jackson explains (transcript via Wrestling Inc.):

“Yeah, it was like a tongue-in-cheek thing, ‘Yeah, we’re the elite wrestlers in the world,’ right? Then one day, on the fly- it was scripted for Kenny [Omega] to turn on AJ [Styles], but it wasn’t scripted for us to return to the ring – just the three of us – and then jump him and beat him up more, and then take a picture. That was something we just did on our own, and then we get to the back and people are already sending me picture on Twitter. I put ‘The Elite of the Bullet Club’ as a caption, and immediately people were like ‘Whoa, what’s that?’ and I’m like ‘We need a shirt! We need a shirt!’”

Nah, I don’t buy it. The entire concept of the Elite came from a one-off tweet? That would make Omega and the Bucks some sort of diabolical geniuses.

… Okay, I buy it. All hail the Elite, now and forever.