Watch The Lucha Brothers Appear To Join All Elite Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

The slowly growing All Elite Wrestling roster appeared to gain two huge names at an indie show last night, Lucha Brothers Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fenix.

Those keeping up with the Young Bucks and SCU on social media could tell in advance that the Jacksons were going to show up unscheduled at the McAloon Productions Come Hell Or High Water on February 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. For the past few weeks, AEW performers have been on a guerrilla marketing campaign of unannounced (or unofficially announced) appearances across the country, starting with Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles, then DEFY Wrestling in Seattle, then Northeast Wrestling in Waterbury, Connecticut. All of these friendly invasions were hinted at beforehand, and the Bucks showing up at Come Hell Or High Water was no different.

Cody, Cody’s dog Pharoah, and Hangman Page were the first surprise AEW guest stars of the night when they showed up to help Joey Ryan.

After Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian battled Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fenix in the show’s main event, the Young Bucks made their appearance.

Matt Jackson told the Lucha Brothers they were the second best tag team in the world and said, “You want to prove that you’re number one, right?… And you want to prove to us that you’re number one? Well, why don’t you guys come wrestle for AEW?” After the crowd cheered, Jackson clarified, “We don’t have paperwork. We don’t have contracts on us right at this moment. However, a handshake will do just fine.” The teased handshake was delayed by an ambush but still ended up happening.

This all makes it seem like the Lucha Brothers and everyone at AEW are sure the tag team will be able to work for the new American promotion, despite still being under contract, as far as the public knows, with Lucha Underground through at least a fifth season. The tag team has been able to work for MLW and various independent promotions in the U.S. (and Impact Wrestling through the company’s relationship with AAA), but AEW could be a different situation.