WWE Has Reportedly Forced The Young Bucks To Stop Using The ‘Too Sweet’ Hand Gesture

Senior Editor, Sports
09.28.17 21 Comments


There’s arguably no act that fans want to see in WWE more than the Young Bucks. While WWE has reportedly had interest in some time, last year the Bucks opted to instead sign a two-year deal with Ring of Honor and New Japan. Since then, the Southern California tag team has pretty much redefined (along with their Bullet Club compatriots) what it’s possible to achieve as an independent wrestler.

The Bucks and Bullet Club have shirts in every Hot Topic in the nation, and few items in those Hot Topic stores are more popular. They have made a cottage industry out of Young Bucks merch, they are able to get hundreds of fans to show up for signings at a moment’s notice, and they can even inspire a massive gaggle of fans to invade Raw.

And they’ve done it all (and likely made just as much, if not more money than they would have on a WWE contract) while not having to be on the road 250 to 300 days a year like your average WWE main roster act. Oh yeah, and they’ve also re-popularized both the “Suck It” catchphrase and the Kliq and nWo “Too Sweet” had gesture. The reason people scream a high-pitched “SWEET” after every two-count at every wrestling event in the world? That’s not because of Hall and Nash. It’s because of Nick and Matt.

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