The Official Star Wars Twitter Gave A Shout-Out To Superfan Zack Ryder

It’s probably fair to say that Zack Ryder is having the most unpredictable month of his life. At WrestleMania, he defeated six other men in a ladder match to win his first Intercontinental Championship. Just 24 hours later, he lost the title to The Miz (thanks to the unexpected return of Maryse). It’s been a whirlwind, so he’s earned a bit of downtime. Taking advantage of the fact that he’s not on WWE’s current European tour, Ryder and his girlfriend Emma took a trip to Walt Disney World yesterday. Now, in case you missed it, Ryder has a reputation for being a massive Star Wars fan. Remember, he and Stardust geeked out about it at length when The Force Awakens came out.

He is never going to live that Chewbacca thing down. It’s got to be weird when extradimensional weirdos are making fun of your Instagram videos. In any case, if you’re a Star Wars fan at Disney World, you’ve got to get a picture with Kylo Ren, right? Bonus points for Disney/Lucasfilm synergy with the DuckTales shirt.

Thankfully for nerds such as myself, whoever’s in charge of watching the social media holocrons at Star Wars HQ picked up on this pretty quickly and sent the appropriate response.

I think we’ve established that Kylo doesn’t respond to anything well, as demonstrated by several destroyed items on Starkiller Base. Between this and the interactions with Against Me! lead vocalist Laura Jane Grace, whoever’s running the Star Wars Twitter is a hero. In the meantime, Episode VIII is still in production… it’s not too late for Zack and Stardust to ask for cameos, right? Maybe they can be First Order radar technicians, because that last guy was kind of iffy.