Zack Ryder Bought Some Extremely Cool Concept Art To Add To His Extensive Memorabilia Collection

If you know anything about Zack Ryder beyond “is a wrestler” and “dyes his beard,” you know that he is absolutely nuts about toys and action figures — WWE and WWF action figures, in particular. The stories of him and Curt Hawkins raiding the toy section of the coveted WWE merchandise vault in Stamford are legendary, and any time WWE has some sort of toy partnership or tie-in, they get Ryder to record some video for it.

Perhaps this is bad news to Long Island Iced Z’s wallet, but now that he’s on the shelf with a knee injury, he has a lot more spare time to add pieces to his truly massive memorabilia collection. Ryder posted on Twitter that he has recently acquired some actual concept art for the original Hasbro WWF action figures for “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Razor Ramon … and if I’m correctly deciphering his tweet, the seller still has more of the Hasbro concept art available for the average Johnny and Jane Not-A-Wrestler.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the toys in question, please enjoy this trip down memory lane. You’re welcome.

Yes, those completely wonderful Hasbro toys are so beloved that they’ve gotten the retro treatment with a new line of Wal-Mart exclusive WWE figures. I’m supremely jealous of the concept art, which is even cooler than the figures themselves. And the Razor Ramon art is a nice touch, given Ryder’s personal history with Scott Hall.

Am I once again jealous of all the cool crap Zack Ryder owns? Woo woo woo, you know it.