Zeus From ‘No Holds Barred’ Says John Cena Should Quit WWE And Do Movies Full-Time

The Rock is the biggest movie star in wrestling history and it’s not even close, but if you’re trying to name the second biggest, it might be No Holds Barred star and SummerSlam ’89 main-eventer ZEUS, also known as Tiny Lister. You might know him as Deebo in the Friday films or the president from The Fifth Element, but he’s popped up in everything from an Austin Powers film to The Dark Knight.

During an interview with Another Wrestling Podcast, Lister congratulated WWE Superstar John Cena on his recent successes in Hollywood, saying Hollywood is the goal for pro wrestlers, and that Cena should start doing films full-time before “you kill yourself over in that WWE.”

He also mentions that Cena should “keep [his] focus on Jesus Christ,” and that he’ll run him over with a truck. It’s a little all over the place. The big soundbite is saying WWE is “just a stepping stone,” and that it’s “all about being like The Rock.” Don’t say that, Zeus. We don’t want six more weeks of “once in a lifetime” WrestleMania main-events.

Check it out: