‘2 Broke Girls’ – ‘And the Break-Up Scene’: Slumber party

A quick review of the second “2 Broke Girls” coming up just as soon as I write a Yelp review of Wharton Business School…

In the pilot, there seemed a schism between the early scenes where Caroline was an annoying caricature of a pampered rich girl and the last few where she seemed smart and like someone Max might want to be friends with, and also between the grating puns and other wordplay that Michael Patrick King loved to use on “Sex and the City” and what I’m assuming were some of Whitney Cummings’ contributions.

Well, the episode 2 script was solely credited to King (Cummings is helping out when you can, but starring in a sitcom that you also created kind of eats up most of the day), and it made even clearer who was responsible for the good and bad parts of the pilot – while also making me think I’m not long for watching this show, even if every episode features Kat Dennings wearing a Run-DMC t-shirt.

“And the Break-Up Scene” featured more of everything I didn’t like about the pilot: more horrible ethnic caricature at the restaurant, more cartoons elsewhere (notably Brangelina’s mom), more cringe-inducing puns (“She’d be the last lez I’d be in”) or jokes based on brand names (“Chanel Number Two!”), more of Caroline being so clueless and grating as to be intolerable, etc. I laughed at Max’s suicide note line from the teaser, and the final scene of Caroline reading the note she wrote as Drunk Caroline was amusing and more likable, but there’s way too much “Brooklyn” to cut through to get to the good stuff. I’ll stick with a show that only makes me laugh on occasion if the rest of it isn’t terrible, but the bad parts of “2 Broke Girls” make me seriously consider skipping ahead to my DVR’ed recording of “Two and a Half Men.”

I’ll check back in later in the season if the show has gotten appreciably better or worse, but since so many of you also seemed to be on the fence last week, I’m curious what “And the Break-Up Scene” did to nudge you one way or the other.