‘American Horror Story’ – ‘Home Invasion’: No, seriously. Get out of the house!

Your reaction to the “American Horror Story” pilot was, on the whole, more positive than my initial review. And the show unsurprisingly had a solid debut in the ratings, much stronger than anything FX saw from either “Terriers” (sigh…) or “Lights Out” (double-sigh…). How’s everybody feeling after episode two? Dylan McDermott was slightly more clothed, the editing was slightly less frenzied, and the events of the hour were such that no sane person would ever spend another second living in that house, but lots of time to go in the series.

I doubt I’ll be doing these talkback posts past next week’s episode (since that would require me to watch additional episodes), but I’m curious what the temperature in the room is on the show at this moment. How do you feel after “Home Invasion”?