Ask Alan: Where Does Stars Hollow Fit Among Fictional TV Towns?

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the very first Uproxx installment of Ask Alan!

We were delayed a couple of weeks as various logistics were worked out with the merger of the Uproxx and HitFix staffs, but the videos are back, and hopefully returning to a weekly Friday schedule at least until I head to press tour next month. Everything should be the same, right down to the fancy method I have of mounting my phone to film each video:

This week’s questions involve where Stars Hollow fits on a continuum of fictional TV small towns, the challenges TV shows (family sitcoms in particular) face when child actors significantly age, and — appropriately for the first Q&A at the new digs — TV shows that jumped networks midway through their runs. Lately, it seems, at least two questions each week inevitably bring up the same random show; this week, it was My Three Sons.

The new email to send questions is, and you can still tweet me with the hashtag #AskAlanDay