Ask Alan, Episode 9: Uncanceled series, Wynn Duffy vs. Peggy Olson & more

Happy Friday, everyone! Time for another installment of Ask Alan, where I take your questions about TV, and try not to ramble too much in response.

We hit a trio this week, including an old chestnut about canceled series – which feels more relevant than ever now that every dead series ever seems to be getting a reboot – something about the “Mad Men” finale, and a very tough question that pits two of TV’s best reacters against each other.

We’ve simplified the question process, so you can write directly to Please try to phrase your questions as concisely as possible; we only have about five minutes to play with in each episode, and if it’s going to take me a minute just to read your question, that’s probably not workable.

Enjoy, and we should be back with another in two weeks.