Ask Alan: Shows not on disc/streaming, ‘Ray Donovan’ & the legacy of ‘Oz’

Time for another installment of Ask Alan, where I try to offer rapid-fire answers to your questions about TV. As always, you can send questions – the more concisely-worded the better – to

I do these things fairly off the cuff, which means that I answered the question about TV shows not fully available on DVD or streaming, then moved on the other two, and only at the end remembered about “St. Elsewhere” and some others. I could have started over at that point, but ask any director who's worked with me: I'm a lox after the first take. Fortunately, our crack editing team was able to put it all together in one place so I seemed less rambly.

Also, because we now have the ability to embed videos at the bottom of posts, that's where you'll find this week's video, which allows future Oscar winner J.K. Simmons' face to remain looking shiny at the top.