‘Banshee’ stars talk sex vs. violence, Kai Proctor and Job

Late last week, I posted the first set of highlights from the “Banshee” screening and fan Q&A we held in Los Angeles. Now it's time for a few more pieces of insight and humor from stars Antony Starr and Ivana Milicevic and creator Jonathan Tropper.

In this video, we touch on where Tropper tries to draw the line between pulp and gratuity, particularly when it comes to nudity on the channel once (and perhaps still) known as Skinemax, plus the origins of two of the show's most colorful, memorable characters in Kai Proctor and Job. (On the latter, the video doesn't include an earlier exchange where I refer to Job as an “explosives expert,” and both Tropper and Starr object, on the grounds that he tends to use too much C4 most of the time – one of several reasons why Starr thinks Hood and his crew are pretty lousy criminals. Eventually, we settled on “explosives enthusiast” as a more accurate description.)

Enjoy. This week's episode (airing, as usual, Friday at 10 p.m.) is one of my favorites of this season, featuring one of the show's best fight scenes to date, a fine guest turn by HBO regular Denis O'Hare, and yet another very colorful bad guy who wants to do unspeakable things to the fake Lucas Hood.

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