‘Better Things’ Throws Sam A Fake Funeral In ‘Eulogy’

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10.19.17 5 Comments


A review of tonight’s Better Things coming up just as soon as I like the gay version better…

Like many of the best Better Things episodes, “Eulogy” presents several seemingly unrelated stories that are all about the same thing. In this case, it’s a subject the show has largely backgrounded in favor of focusing on Sam’s personal relationships: her long and relatively successful acting career.

We open with Sam teaching an acting class, running her students through exercises, trying to break them of bad habits, and warning them that their biggest challenge will be elevating all the bad writing they’ll be given over the course of their careers. Acting is often presented simply as this thing Sam has been doing since she was a kid, and in almost any circumstance where she’s asked to choose between career and family, she chooses family, and as a result it can be easy to assume she doesn’t particularly like or care about her profession. Instead, the acting snippets of the acting class make clear that she cares very deeply about it, and has thought a lot over the years about how to make it work from line to line, scene to scene, job to job.

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