Cinemax renews ‘Banshee’ for season 4

Let the mayhem continue: Cinemax has ordered a fourth season of “Banshee.”

The current third season has been perhaps the best yet for the pulpy action drama, which somehow had its craziest fight scene yet, as well as last week's wall-to-wall suspense episode, with the Banshee precinct under siege by Chayton's gang of Native American thugs. There are five more episodes in this season, with the next one due tomorrow night at 10.

Two notable changes were announced with this renewal: 1)The new season will have 8 episodes instead of 10, and 2)Production will relocate from North Carolina to Pittsburgh. Both these shifts should make the show cheaper to produce (Pittsburgh has various production tax incentives), and every bit helps when it comes to a niche show like this. And while the show has never really had filler episodes, I also don't know that it's seasonal arcs require 10 episodes to tell.

Either way, I'm very happy the show will be coming back. What does everybody else think?

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