‘Community’ writers go behind-the-scenes on the Yahoo season

The ever-elastic “Community” is doing a solid job of adjusting to its new surroundings over at Yahoo Screen, and to the introduction of Paget Brewster and Keith David as the newest faces around the study room table. (Here are my reviews of the season so far; new episodes go live at midnight Pacific every Monday night/Tuesday morning.) You can see the creative team playing around with length (this week’s episode clocked in at close to 31 minutes, and all have been significantly longer than the NBC episodes), and with new character combinations (it’s been fun watching David’s Elroy react to Britta in all her Britta-ness, for instance), and if it doesn’t feel quite like previous seasons, each season never really felt like the one before it to begin with.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video (embedded at the top of this post), “Community” writers Clay Lapari and Alex Rubens talk about some of the changes for the new season, and we also get glimpses of the cast at a table read for the season premiere. Enjoy.