Cookie’s back! What did everybody think of the ‘Empire’ season premiere?

I wrote about the new season of “Empire” yesterday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who tuned into the season 2 premiere tonight, what did you think? A lot of you shared my concerns about the first season finale's rapid-fire, nonsensical plotting; did this feel like a good course correction, or more of the same gibberish? Too much music, or not enough? Too much Cookie, or not enough? How did you feel about Chris Rock's appearance, and did you notice any traces of the largely-excised cannibalism subplot about his character? And did a summer away break whatever spell “Empire” cast over you last winter, or were you just excited to have Cookie back insulting Boo Boo Kitty again?

Have at it. Not planning on weekly reviews, but I'll check in periodically as episodes warrant.