Crossing the ‘Rubicon’: What did you think of AMC’s sneak preview?

Senior Television Writer
06.14.10 51 Comments

After last night’s incredible “Breaking Bad” finale (my review of that finale is here), AMC aired a sneak preview of the pilot of “Rubicon,” the conspiracy thriller that will have its real debut (paired with a second episode of the show) on August 1. I’ll be doing a proper review of the show then, but I’ll say here that I enjoyed the pilot, both because I’m a fan of the slow-burning ’70s films it’s modeled itself on, because I liked the atmosphere it created around the think tank as a place that can drive you crazy under even the best of circumstances, and I really liked James Badge Dale’s post-“Pacific” performance.

Did anybody stay up late to watch it (and/or DVR to see today)? If so, what did you think? Will you be back for more in six weeks?

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