Emmy night is here! Hurrah?

Tonight at 8 Eastern (and, for a change, live at 5 Pacific), NBC presents the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards. I’ve already offered my picks for the drama and comedy categories, and then discussed them on the podcast with Fienberg. Now we get to find out who was right, who was wrong, and how often I’ll be annoyed. (And just to put me in the right aggrieved state of mind, I’ve chosen to accompany this post with a picture of Katey Sagal from “Sons of Anarchy,” whose lack of a nomination should tell you how pointless this all is.)

This is my first time covering the Emmys at HitFix, which means my first time covering it with a partner. (Even back in the glory days at The Star-Ledger, Matt Seitz and I tended to take turns dealing with it.) So here’s the plan: Dan will be live-blogging the show at The Fien Print blog, including all the winners as they happen. I’ll be watching, and posting snarky comments on Twitter. With no need to meet a print deadline of roughly 11:10 p.m. to cover both the recap and analysis, I can just start working on straight analysis at 11, and hopefully have something posted here within 60-90 minutes of the show ending.

Dan’s liveblog has now begun. You can feel free to comment here or there as the show goes on. (And then, of course, wherever you like once my analysis piece goes up.)

And, as I said near the end of the podcast, if you’re a “Mad Men” fan, I strongly, strongly advise that you just put that show on at 10, as you’ll have a much better time watching “Mad Men” do the kind of work that wins Emmys rather than watching the people from “Mad Men” give speeches about their Emmy-winning work.

(And, yes, the plan is, as always, to have a “Mad Men” review up sometime tomorrow morning. I’m usually so wired after the Emmys that I’m not gonna sleep for a while, anyway.)

See ya when it’s all over but the analyzing.

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