Farewell to ‘Mad Men’: All the links

With “Mad Men” coming to an end tomorrow night, we’ve unsurprisingly featured a lot of coverage on the show of late. On top of all my episodic reviews (you can find seasons 1-3 on my old blog), our recent “Mad Men” stories have included:

* Fienberg and I teaming up to pick our favorite 20 episodes.

* The HitFix staff picking some memorable acts of bad behavior by different “Mad Men” characters.

* My attempt to look ahead to a finale where anything can happen by looking back to one of the show’s most surprising (and best) episodes, “Nixon vs. Kennedy.”

* Memories of many late Sunday nights reviewing “Mad Men” before fatigue consumed me.

* An annotated list of “Mad Men” rankings that is meant to be considered with the utmost seriousness, and if you suggest otherwise, I’ll thrash you with Lane’s father’s cane.

* Pre-season interviews with Jon Hamm and Matt Weiner.

* An essay on the show’s unique place in TV history.

See ya sometime very late tomorrow night to discuss the end of it all. Sigh…

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