Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 271: ‘Powers,’ ‘iZombie,’ ‘Better Call Saul’ & more


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! We have some scheduling issues at the start of next week that makes the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast after this one questionable in date (though you’ll likely still get one soon), so Dan and I wound up pairing this week’s only notable premiere with two shows debuting a week from tonight, along with a couple of good listener questions and some discussion of last night’s powerful “Better Call Saul.” Enjoy.

The rundown:

“Powers” (00:00:55 – 00:15:20)
“iZombie” (00:15:25 – 00:24:55)
“One Big Happy” (00:25:00 – 0035:20)
Listener Mail: The “Empire” phenomenon (00:33:00 – 00:42:50)
Listener Mail: “Last Man on Earth” (00:43:30 – 00:51:25)
Monday’s “Better Call Saul” (00:51:45 – 01:10:55)

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