Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 300: Emmy picks & fall TV reviews

Happy Thursday, boys and girls! It's a big and somewhat sad day for the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. On the one hand, we have our first reviews of the fall network shows (plus some Emmy predictions and a brief farewell to “Key & Peele,” fantasy draft-style). But we also have the news that the podcast is almost certainly coming to an end by the time September is out. 

It was complicated enough keeping it going once Dan no longer worked at HitFix, and much more so once he had a full-time employer. We didn't know for sure (and it's still not a 100% thing, but close to it) until after we recorded last week's episode, but we'll have today's show, one next week (likely also on Thursday), and then a final one around September 29, and that'll be that for this version of the podcast, at least for now. It's all still pretty new, so I don't know yet what kind of podcast, if any, I might try without my bearded partner in comedy crime.

On the plus side, we made it to the 300 episode mark! Or, if you're Dan, we made it to the 299th episode!

The rundown:

Emmy pre-chatter (00:02:30 – 00:24:15)
“Key & Peele” Draft (00:24:15 – 00:27:10)
“Gotham” (00:27:50 – 00:34:55)
“Life in Pieces” (00:35:00 – 00:42:00)
“Minority Report” (00:42:05 – 00:49:20)
“Blindspot” (00:49:25 – 00:56:50)
“The Muppets” (00:56:50 – 01:04:30)
“Scream Queens” (01:04:25 – 01:10:05)
“Limitless” (01:10:05 – 01:16:00)
“Rosewood” (01:16:00 – 01:24:00)

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