Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 301: Emmys, ‘Heroes Reborn’ & more

Happy Thursday, boys and girls! Time for what is, as of now, the penultimate installment of the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. We pondered turning the whole show into a meta commentary on famous penultimate TV episodes, with me howling “WHERE'S WALLACE?” and Dan going shopping for model trains, but ultimately we decided to go business as usual and save any sentimentality or silliness for next week's show. (If there are things you'd like to hear us talk about in that episode, now is the time to ask.) I even neglected to congratulate Dan on reaching his 300th episode of F&I, after we celebrated my own last week. Bad Alan. Very bad Alan.

As a result, we talked for a while about the Emmys and then touched on some more new shows, this time working without the “Sanford & Son” theme to restrict our time.

Not sure whether we'll be back on our regular Tuesday slot next week, since there are a lot of things we could potentially watch, but we will be there at some point, one more time.

The rundown:

Emmys (00:00:50 – 00:21:50)
“Heroes Reborn” (00:21:50 – 00:35:20)
“The Player” (00:35:30 – 00:46:30)
“Quantico” (00:46:30 – 00:56:55)
“Grandfathered (00:56:55 – 01:02:45)
“The Grinder”  (01:02:50 – 01:10:40)
Listener Mail – First Show Cancelled (01:11:00 – 01:18:10)

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