Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 221

Hey, so remember how the Firewall & Iceberg video show was going to return this week, and there was so much to talk about that even a video show and a podcast would barely be enough to contain it all? Well, technical difficulties scotched the video show’s relaunch, which pushed this week’s podcast up a day and also forced us to compress a lot of material into it (and dump other things, like a planned “True Detective” segment). With any luck, all the glitches will be worked out for next week, but in the meantime this is a review-heavy podcast, full of stuff we really liked, stuff we really hated, and a few things that fell in between.

The rundown:

Harold Ramis (00:01:25 – 00:05:00)
Weird NBC Moves (00:05:00 – 00:15:00)
“Mind Games” (00:15:15 – 00:21:50)
“Game of Arms” (00:21:50 – 00:27:40)
“Mixology” (00:27:40 – 00:35:15)
“The Americans” (00:35:20 – 00:42:30)
“The Red Road” (00:42:30 – 00:51:10)
“Vikings” (00:51:15 – 00:55:19)
“Hannibal” (00:55:20 – 01:03:30)
“Bates Motel” (01:03:35 – 01:08:25)
“Those Who Kill” (01:08:35 – 01:16:30)
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