Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 37: ‘Chuck,’ ‘House,’ ‘Community’ and lots of other returning shows

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09.20.10 7 Comments


Time for part two of the three-part Firewall & Iceberg Podcast fall preview(*), with Dan and I pausing from our discussion of new shows to check in on a bunch of returning shows we’ve seen premieres for, some of which will be in heavy blogging rotation (“Chuck,” “How I Met Your Mother”), some which may be covered more infrequently (“Glee”), some which are falling out of the rotation altogether (“House”) and one that has surprised me by finding its way back in (“Fringe”).

(*) I’ve been doing a lot of fall preview podcasting over the last week, including a guest appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast that we recorded on Friday and was posted today.

The run-down:

“Chuck” — 02:00 – 07:40
“How I Met Your Mother” — 07:45 – 12:35
“House” — 12:35 – 17:05
“Glee” — 17:10 – 20:45
“Cougar Town” — 20:45 – 25:50
“Community” — 26:00 – 31:10
“Big Bang Theory” — 31:20 – 33:30
“Fringe” — 34:05 – 39:20
“Dexter” — 39:30 – 44:05
“Mad Men” — 45:15 – 01:03:00

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