Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 20: Press tour, FX comedies & ’24’

Happy Thursday, boys and girls! Dan and I were able to break away from press tour activities for a while to record an in-person episode of the Firewall & Iceberg Show, in which we discussed recent press tour events, reviews FX’s two new comedies, and broke down the “24: Live Another Day” finale.

Note: This was actually recorded yesterday (hence the “Happy Wednesday intro” and the references to the FX comedies debuting “tomorrow”), but technical issues delayed publishing until today. Sorry for the confusion.

The rundown:

00:00:00:00 – NBC
00:06:45:10 – ABC
00:11:03:21 – FX’s Married
00:16:21:20 – FX’s You’re the Worst
00:21:23:27 – 24: Live Another Day

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