Firewall & Iceberg Show, January 2015 Special: ‘The Americans,’ press tour & more

Happy Monday, boys and girls! Time for something you haven’t seen in quite some time: the Firewall & Iceberg Show on video! Because Dan and I were physically together for press tour, we got a chance to sit down and talk about recent doings at TCA, as well as review a couple of late January shows we otherwise won’t have time for, since Dan will be going to Sundance right after this tour ends.

Cameras began rolling after Dan had performed “Corner in the Sky” from Pippin, so we can’t share that with you, but here’s the rundown. Enjoy. (Also, note that we recorded this for a Friday release, but technical difficulties delayed posting til after the weekend.)

Here’s today’s time breakdown:

Press Tour – “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Better Call Saul” & more (00:00 – 13:38)

“The Americans” (13:38 – 18:13)

“Fortitude” (18:13 – 23:11)

“Parks & Recreation” (23:11 – 29:47)