FOX swaps ‘Mulaney’ & ‘Bob’s Burger’s’ timeslots

The slow, inexorable shuffle towards cancellation continues for “Mulaney,” as FOX today decided to have it swap timeslots with “Bob's Burgers,” effective immediately.

Starting this Sunday, “Bob's” – which has been airing very irregularly this fall due to FOX's Sunday football and baseball commitments – will air at 9:30 after “Family Guy.” FOX has the late NFL game this weekend, so “Mulaney” won't begin airing at 7:30 until the following Sunday, November 23.

FOX had already reduced the episode order for “Mulaney” from 16 to 13 (the number of episodes that had already been produced at the time the decision was made), and its ratings have hovered around a 1.0 in the demo (or, as Fienberg has dubbed it, The Mulaney Line). It's playing out the string at this point, as a low-rated show ordered by Kevin Reilly, and produced by an outside studio, while Reilly's replacements, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, also have control of 20th Television.

“Mulaney” didn't really work, but as a fan of “Bob's Burgers,” I'm pleased that it'll be airing in a much safer timeslot – even if it gives Seth MacFarlane license to tell more jokes about how “Bob's” can only survive if it's put behind “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy.”