‘House’ – ‘Bombshell’: Dream weaver

With “Chuck” and “How I Met Your Mother” taking the week off, and given all the ads I’d seen for the episode, I decided to give last night’s “House” a try. Even though I’d given up on the series due to boredom with the formula and a lack of interest in House/Cuddy, I often enjoy this kind of form-breaking, usually late-in-the-run episode that features dream sequences and/or musical numbers, usually inspired in some way by Dennis Potter’s “The Singing Detective.”

And I did, indeed, get a kick out of several of the dream sequences, particularly House turning up in a Charlie Harper shirt on the absolute perfect day for that, as well as the creepy, hypnotic musical number during the surgery.

Mostly, though, I watched it and realized I no longer had any investment in this show and its characters. I sometimes compare watching a TV show to having a romantic relationship. There are some shows I can break up with and then get back together with later (“ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” to name two other hospital shows), and then there are others where we split for good, and if I come across an episode afterwards, it’s like running into an ex for whom I no longer have any feelings whatsoever. I can remember why I liked her once upon a time, but that’s as far as it goes.

But given that I watched it, I’m curious how those of you who are still watching found the episode, and its developments in the House/Cuddy relationship, and how you’re finding the season in general. What did everybody else think?