‘House’ – ‘Help Me’: Crawling from the wreckage

05.18.10 9 years ago 40 Comments

A very quick review of last night’s “House” coming up just as soon as I find out who House’s cell provider is…

And so this frustrating but occasionally interesting season ends in what looks like the same place we came to late last year, but is very different: House and Cuddy are in his bathroom, and Cuddy is helping House resist the urge to take Vicodin and showing romantic interest in him, only this time, it’s real.

On the one hand, I’m glad to see some forward progress on anything in “House”-land, and we established late last year and throughout this year that House is looking for love to make him happy, and that Cuddy is the one he wants the love from. So the resolution of “Help Me” doesn’t feel like a cheat. And I suppose some interesting things can be done next season both in terms of how this changes the power dynamic at work, and in seeing whether a relationship with Cuddy finally makes a permanent change to House’s behavior.

On the other hand, this is a show that fears change and tries to undo it early and often, so I’m not optimistic that House will be appreciably different next year, even if he and Cuddy stay together. Also, I’ve never been as invested in these two getting together as the writers wanted me to be, and because the series isn’t told from Cuddy’s point of view (except for “5 to 9,” which didn’t much delve into her feelings for house, since she was still happy with Lucas at that point), I have a harder time buying into her deciding that this is the moment when she will finally let House into her heart. It’s clear that he’s vulnerable, and that he’s making an effort to be less of an ass (hence the book), but in keeping Cuddy’s feeling a secret until the end, it actually detracted from the moment more than the surprise added to it.

What did everybody else think?

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