Where Does ‘iZombie’ Go After That Wild Finale?

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06.27.17 2 Comments


iZombie just concluded its third season with a pretty big change to its status quo. I reviewed the finale here, and I did a brief email interview with co-creator Rob Thomas about why they made the change and what the show is now, coming up just as soon as we watch some TV while my clothes dry…

What were your expectations of the series’ likelihood for renewal when you came up with this ending, and how much have you guys talked through what a post D-Day world is like, and what the show is now?

The writing staff has talked about Season 4 being the season where we launched into a post D-Day universe for a long time — maybe since season one.

Admittedly, we might’ve thought we’d be 60 episodes into the series rather than rather than 45. We didn’t know we’d be doing these 13-episode seasons, but this has been the plan. We didn’t arrive at it, because we thought we might be cancelled, and we thought we’d go out with a bang. We’ve felt confident there was going to be a season 4 for a long time.

There will still be a case of the week in post D-Day Seattle though things will work a bit differently. There will be a detective at Fillmore Graves who handles murder cases when the victim is a zombie, but the Seattle PD will handle all murdered human cases. Also, every Seattle homicide detective will get to work with a zombie helper. Clive won’t be the only one with the benefit of a partner with visions. Chase Graves will be trying very hard to make the trains run on time in the walled city of Seattle. He promised the citizens that mail would be delivered, garbage would be collected, etc.

Despite his best efforts, the crime rate is going to go up significantly. Clive and Liv will have their hands full with murder cases.

Season 4 will ask the question of whether humans and zombies can live side by side when humans know of zombies’ existence. It will come as no surprise that it will be a very bumpy road.

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