Let’s talk about the ‘Scream Queens’ premiere

FOX made both hours of tonight's “Scream Queens” premiere available for critics to review. I made it through the first before deciding it was aggressively not for me. Slasher films (which this whole season is a riff on) are generally not my favorite, and on the whole leaned more towards the end of the Ryan Murphy spectrum that I have little patience for. (In particular, the sheer amount of hateful invective hurled by the Emma Roberts character – which co-creator Ian Brennan described at press tour as “my great joy of life” to write – was exhausting to sit through.) Though I enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis and laughed at the gag involving Ariana Grande and texting, I knew I wasn't going to want to see more, and moved on.

But that's me. Based on the continued ratings for “American Horror Story,” Murphy and company continue to have their fans, and I assume some of you are among them. So for those who watched tonight, what did you think? Was the sorority satire aspect of it funny or grating? Were you scared when the show wanted you to be? How did it feel to have Curtis be part of a comic riff on the genre that made her a star? And will you watch again?