‘Mad Love’ – ‘Friends and Other Obstacles’: First date, worst date

Boy, not a very good second episode for “Mad Love,” was it? Still no laughs from Biggs or Chalke – or, for that matter, from Labine and Greer, whose chemistry is less of the “thin line between love and hate” variety than the “their interactions are unpleasant” variety. And while I’m always glad to see Martin Starr getting a paycheck, “Hawaii Five-0” actually made better use of him than this episode did. Sigh…

On yesterday’s podcast, Dan and I were asked about the notion of whether we’d rather see a show with good actors and weak writing or a well-written show that’s poorly cast. And I said that while I think writing is the more important part of the equation, writing can sometimes improve over time, whereas a bad actor almost always remains a bad actor (or a miscast actor). So I’ll check back in at some point, but until/unless this show gets its act together, no point in covering it week-to-week.

What did everybody else think?