If President Trump Hated Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer On ‘SNL,’ Rosie O’Donnell’s Trump Should Be Next

02.06.17 3 years ago 32 Comments

Saturday Night Live has often had a contentious relationship with our country’s leaders, going back to when Gerald Ford’s press secretary hosted the show to try to defuse the weekly embarrassment of Chevy Chase’s impression of the then-POTUS as a clumsy idiot. But President Trump has taken the usual satire much more personally than any of his predecessors, and has taken to complaining about the “failing” show — which he seemed very pleased to host only last season — on Twitter every Sunday after Alec Baldwin plays him. And as Trump’s objections have gotten louder and angrier, it’s only emboldened SNL to start full-on trolling the Commander in Chief, knowing that he’ll be watching and writing sketches and jokes whose primary purpose seems to be to drive the Oval Office’s current occupant crazy, and if the rest of us laugh, that’s just a bonus.

That’s the only way you can look at what the show has done since the inauguration, and especially in the latest episode, hosted by Kristen Stewart, which featured, among other things:

* A sketch portraying Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper, who gets to sit at the big boy desk at the Oval Office while Trump sits at a little desk and plays with toys;

* A monologue where Stewart recalled Trump’s many tweets obsessing over the state of her relationship with Robert Pattinson;

* A parody commercial where a welcome to America film was hastily edited by a Department of Homeland Security employee to reflect Trump’s Muslim ban;


* Special guest star Melissa McCarthy doing a dead-on impression of Sean Spicer losing his temper at the daily press briefing.

That last one was not only the funniest of the bunch, but the one I instantly knew would hit hardest at 1600 Penn, for two obvious reasons:

1)McCarthy is a woman.

2)McCarthy is not a skinny woman.

And those two things together would push many, many, many of Donald Trump’s buttons.

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