‘Perfect Couples’ – ‘Perfect Tens’: Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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12.21.10 38 Comments

A quick thought or three on the sneak preview of “Perfect Couples” coming up just as soon as I sit here and rhyme things with “labia”…

The risk in writing a review of a show without having seen the episode that’s going to air that night, even if you’ve seen later ones, is that the first one could be significantly better or worse than the ones you’ve seen, and then your opinion seems out of whack with what everyone else is seeing.

“Perfect Tens” wasn’t wildly divergent from the series pilot and the other episode NBC sent out for review(*), but it was clearly the weakest of the three I’ve seen. It’s an uneven show, and “Perfect Tens” seemed to feature more of the parts that don’t work than the parts that do. (In particular, there wasn’t nearly enough Mary Elizabeth Ellis in this one compared to the other two.) I laughed out loud several times at the other two, not at all at this one.

(*) Though, again, in a sign of how rushed this whole process was, the DVDs that were sent out late last week featured Kings of Leon’s “Taper Jean Girl” as the theme song, whereas the finished product had what I believe was a brand-new song by A.C. Newman.

But what did you guys think? And based on this preview – and/or its position in a timeslot after “Community” (and where the only other comedy competition is “Feces My Dad Says”) – do you plan to watch again when it comes back on January 20?

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