Pivot renews Arctic thriller ‘Fortitude’ on eve of finale; watch an exclusive clip

There will be more mayhem up on that glacier, as “Fortitude” has been renewed for a second season. The thriller, co-produced by Pivot here and Sky in the UK, is set in a remote Norwegian community in the Arctic archipelago. Its first season finale airs tonight at 10 on Pivot, and we have an exclusive scene from the very beginning of that finale embedded above.

That scene, involving an unexpected wasp attack (introduced at the end of last week's episode) speaks to how much the story of “Fortitude” has evolved over this season. What started out seeming like a familiar murder in a small town set-up, but enhanced by the spectacular and alien location, has evolved (or, if you prefer, pivoted) into something even stranger, darker and almost alien, as the unique environment of Fortitude has played a big role in the series of killings plaguing the town.

I liked the show at the start, but have grown to enjoy it even more for the way creator Simon Donald has made the story more and more specific to this place. I mean, the series opened with Dumbledore (or, if you prefer, Michael Gambon) shooting at polar bears, so it was always tied to the location, but it's doubled down on that as the season has gone along, which is smart. The location is the show's greatest strength – even though its season 1 cast included Gambon, Stanley Tucci and Richard Dormer – and Donald (who discussed the series at length with Fienberg earlier this year) should absolutely be playing to that.

For those who have been watching, what have you thought? Are you happy there will be another season, or does it feel like this one story is enough time in the ice for you?