Press Tour: NBC’s Robert Greenblatt has no ‘Community’ regrets

Senior Television Writer
07.13.14 23 Comments


NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt, who made the final call to cancel “Community,” seems not only untroubled by the show’s resurrection at Yahoo!, but pleased.

“That’s where they are, trying to build their platform, and they made an extraordinary deal,” Greenblatt said of Yahoo! after his executive press conference at the Television Critics Association press tour. “And we’re the co-owners of that show, and will make money on the deal right away.”

He said he had no regrets on cancelling the show, even if that could have meant denying the fans the fulfillment of the “six seasons and a movie” meme.

“That six season thing was created by them,” Greenblatt said. “I’m surprised they didn’t say ‘ten seasons and a movie.’ And that was before my time. It just didn’t make sense for us to have another season at that level of audience. I don’t know if we’ll ever know how many people watch it on Yahoo! I’m curious to see if they can get a bigger audience than we did.”

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