Review: ‘Banshee’ – ‘You Can’t Hide From the Dead’: I am a camera

I'm swamped today, but I got a chance to watch tonight's “Banshee” on my lunch break and was once again impressed with how the show keeps finding new ways to present scenes I feel like I've seen a million times before.

Just when you think there's no new way to film a heist sequence, director Greg Yataines goes and straps cameras to his actor's heads so we see the whole thing filtered either through their POVs or through the other surveillance cameras Sugar was monitoring. Technically amazing, and it added to the level of danger when Job or the others got into trouble with the angry soldiers.

So talk about the heist, or the fight in the pool, or Chayton's fugitive adventures if you like, or even the alternative timeline we glimpsed in last week's episode.

Have at it, folks. What did everybody else think?

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